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setting studio up for 

prairie session at

Neale Woods

Omaha, Nebraska


Making and being on the road has also had a grasp on my mind. Achieving complete mobility so I could pack my vehicle up and go seems incredibly rewarding for my practice and desire equally. Removing my flowerchild bias: I’m interested in pushing the boundaries of the studio for traditional practices into a space of accessibility both socially and financially. Breaking down each aspect of what makes up a studio space 



    disposilbes (paper towels, gloves, etc)

    inks , dyes, paints, etc




    waste receptacles 


to the complete basics, so one's studio is no longer confined to traditional settings. To play devil's advocate, this inherently brings up the question of the community present in conventional brick and mortar studios. Questioning what is needed to create a functioning studio is not mutually exclusive to community interaction and creation.


My etching practice has become the guinea pig in my stripped down, mobile studio efforts. Currently my supplies consist of:


The core of this mindset of making is a vast opportunity for any artist to make anywhere. I have had the incredible fortune of working with Evan Marnell, which brought my studio from Chicago to Omaha, NE, through Colorado; to southern Utah; Bishop, CA; down RT 1 through Big Sur, CA; to San Diego, CA; back to Omaha, NE; and finally back to Chicago. With a successful trial run, I am excited to continue honing down my studio and expanding my studio walls.

Check out The Test Prints page for my prints from the road!


Are my etching plates ready to print? Do I have the time and money to pick up and go? Am I at a printing point in my practice, is there research work, illustrating, website building to be done first? At this stage of my practice, printing etchings has been given the most consideration in my mobile studio efforts, aside from drawing and writing. Prepping and etching my copper plates still happens within studio walls, although these processes have been converted to home studio use. Other processes frequently in my practice, such as, papermaking, natural processes, and alternative photography are also grounded in home studio use. Funding and resources present real obstacles for emerging artists. Simplifying my studio to materials that are within my means is one the many goals with this mode of making, however mobility is not cheap. The Test Prints Test 2: Color Tests - allowing the landscape to guide my color choices, dirt bag style was made possible with the support from Evan Marnell and his efforts with Home.


It's quite simple. First, I would rather be outside. Working, resting, exercising, eating, socializing, living, I would rather be experiencing all these components of life in new, familiar, grand, mundane landscapes. I want to see and feel the land that every species depends on for life. My practice depends on having at the very least some fundamental understanding of earth sciences, while my mind is obsessed with absorbing natural wonders (climbing rocks :)).


There are two main challenges with simplifying etching. First, how are you etching your plate? Electro-etching has allowed my etching practice to leave a traditional print studio, but still relies on an outlet - I am certain this will translate easily to mobile use with a mobile power source. Second, how are you printing? Printing etching in a DIY fashion in tricky because of the pressure required to print. Open Press Project makes 3D printed presses that supply adequate pressure, are affordable, and easy to transport. 

mobile studio list
  • milkcrate

  • leak proof medium sized container

  • OpenPress Etching Press (with custom wood mount/flat file - I made) with included bed and felt

  • pre-cut brown paper 

  • plate inking mount*

  • 3 oil paint mixing knives

  • small containers of ink

    • White

    • Ocre

    • Sepia

    • dioazine purple

    • naphthol red

  • Small spray bottle of simple green 

  • Small spray bottle of salt, water, vinegar solution

      • (supply of industrial tape wrapped around one of these bottles/lids)

  • Small squeeze bottle of veg oil 

  • Small piece of glass 

  • Clean sandwich zip bag (unused):

    • dryer sheets

    • qtips 

    • pre cut book board squares

    • gloves

  • Sandwich zip bag (used but still usable):

    • 3 tarlatan wads (warm, color, extra)

    • dryer sheets

    • qtips

    • Book board squares

    • gloves

  • Sketchbook 

  • 8 x10 cutting mat

  • Paper towel roll

  • Water bottle of water (not shown in picture)

  • Reading to print etching plates

  • Cheap miniature key chain microscope (initially a loope) 

  • Stonehenge Multi-Color 2.5 x3.75 pack

  • Pencil case:

    • 2 .3mm mechanical pencils

    • 1 .5mm 

    • 1 .7mm

    • 2 #2

    • Black ball point pen

    • White jelly roll pen

    • White charcoal pencil

    • Copper jelly roll pen

    • Sharpie

    • Bone folder

    • 6” metal ruler

    • Extaco knife with extra blades

    • Etching scribe

    • Extra .3mm,.5mm,.7mm

    • .5mm red lead

    • Eraser

    • HB pencil

    • Miniature sketch book

  • Miniature rocket blower with brush tip

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